Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City’s Community-Based Mentoring Programs, by Gary D. Herwitz

by Gary D. Herwitz

As a longtime New York City resident, I passionately support organizations and efforts aimed at making my city a better place. Today, I serve as Managing Partner of a corporate consultancy I founded, CoMetrics Partners LLC, but in the past I held positions on the finance boards of nonprofits World ORT and Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City. I continue to donate to both associations to ensure they are able to maintain their community programs.

Part of a nationwide mentoring association, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City operates as one of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s largest and most active chapters. Like all Big Brothers Big Sisters groups, the New York City branch pairs adult volunteer mentors, called Bigs, with adolescents and young adults, called Littles, to help the latter find positive interests and lead healthy social lives. To date, Big Brothers Big Sisters has achieved notable results in making youths less likely to use drugs, drink alcohol, or skip school, according to professional studies.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City operates several unique programs, including traditional mentoring in Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. The nonprofit’s primary program serves youths between the ages of 7 and 18 from low-income, single-parent homes. Bigs and Littles participate in planned activities or events every other week and stay in touch via the telephone in the interim.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City’s Juvenile Justice Mentoring program targets at-risk youths involved in the judicial system, helping them lead productive lives and refrain from future criminal activity. Combining case management with one-on-one mentoring, the juvenile justice program almost always results in fewer infractions and better school performance. Learn more at