Famous Skiers throughout History

An accomplished financial professional and current Managing Partner of CoMetrics Partners LLC, Gary D. Herwitz enjoys skiing in his free time. Throughout the history of skiing, a number of skiers have had a profound impact on the sport as both a competition and a winter leisure activity. Gary D. Herwitz shares a short list of some of the most famous skiers of the 20th century.

Dick Durrance: One of the sport’s first truly dominant figures, Dick Durrance made his international debut in 1932 at the age of 17, when he won the German Junior Alpine Championship. Although he failed to earn a medal in the 1936 Olympics, Durrance captured 17 national championships throughout his career, including a number of marquis events in Europe. Durrance also played an integral role in the establishment of skiing in the United States, cutting some of the first trails in Sun Valley and establishing Aspen as a major ski destination.

Jonny Moseley: One of the most influential skiers in recent years, Jonny Moseley revolutionized the sport with his combination of technical prowess and innovative tricks. Moseley’s most famous competition was the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, where he famously executed his signature “dinner roll” move. The judges ruled the trick illegal, which cost Moseley a place on the medal stand. After Moseley lobbied the International Ski Federation (FIS) to allow the trick in competition, the international skiing body changed the rules and, ultimately, the sport of skiing.

Jake Burton Carpenter: Unlike many of the world’s greatest skiers, who enjoyed long and successful careers, Jake Burton Carpenter saw his skiing career cut short by a car accident. After recovering from the crash, Burton moved to Vermont and pioneered the use of the “Snurfer,” an early snowboard prototype complete with a rope. Burton’s invention soon exploded in popularity, opening up the world of winter sports to snowboarders everywhere.

Warren Miller: A resident of Sun Valley during the 1940s, Warren Miller spent much of his youth making ski and surf videos with his friend. After receiving positive feedback from friends and strangers alike, Miller decided to market his videos through his company Warren Miller Entertainment. Today, the annual feature-length ski films from Warren Miller Entertainment have earned a cult following in ski towns across the United States, with their releases traditionally marking the beginning of the ski season.