Services Offered by CoMetrics Partners LLC

Finance executive Gary D. Herwitz spent approximately 25 years working for top-ranking accounting and financial-services companies before founding his own business, CoMetrics Partners LLC. He established the New York City-based consultancy in 2005, offering a variety of corporate management and reorganization services. Currently, Gary D. Herwitz serves as Managing Partner of CoMetrics Partners LLC, overseeing the firm’s operations in acquisitions and business process re-engineering.

CoMetrics Partners LLC’s dedicated acquisition-and-integration team collaborates with corporations of all different sizes to facilitate smooth takeovers and desired growth achievements. Having completed seven negotiation and integration processes since its founding, CoMetrics Partners LLC maintains a solid understanding of the attitudes and abilities required to successfully complete delicate operations. Beginning its services during the diligence stage, the consultancy communicates closely with business owners, board members, IT teams, and finance and operations departments, keeping them informed every step of the way. CoMetrics Partners LLC incorporates re-evaluation protocols and backup plans into every integration proposal to pre-empt any obstacles.

In today’s marketplace, businesses must operate as efficiently as possible to survive. Led by a team of financial experts and corporate managers with decades of experience in their respective fields, CoMetrics Partners LLC specializes in effective reorganizations that achieve short-term results and encourage long-term growth. In establishing a strategic vision for each business process re-engineering, CoMetrics Partners LLC teams with management personnel in IT, finance, and operations divisions to understand and revise procedures. Over the years, numerous middle-market organizations have successfully worked with CoMetrics Partners LLC to maximize productiveness and encourage cost savings in processes and staffing.

CoMetrics Partners LLC also offers IT strategies as a business solution. Employing staff members with more than 30 years experience in adapting and managing IT operations for a variety of enterprises, CoMetrics Partners LLC maintains expertise in establishing IT and electronic data interchange (EDI) technologies across numerous different business platforms.