Objectives and Organization of Beta Alpha Psi by Gary D. Herwitz

For more than 30 years, I’ve built a career as an accountant, financial manager, and founder and Managing Partner of my own consultancy business, CoMetrics Partners LLC. During my life, I’ve had the privilege to serve with top companies, including accounting firm Mahoney Cohen & Company, where I held the position of President for nearly a decade. Before achieving success, I developed a solid foundation in financial operations and management at Syracuse University in upstate New York. At Syracuse, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Transportation and Distribution Management and actively participated in the honor society Beta Alpha Psi, both of which helped shape me as a business leader.

Established in 1919 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Beta Alpha Psi serves students and professionals training or working in the fields of finance, accounting, and information systems. Beta Alpha Psi encourages the development of skills, upholds ethical standards in the workplace and the classroom, and recognizes excellence in scholastic and professional achievements.

Beta Alpha Psi maintains a headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, and a governing Board of Directors institutes its constitution and bylaws. Other organizational bodies within the honor society include an International Advisory Forum comprising professionals who advise the Board, an International Chapter that includes faculty advisors and student presidents, and more than 285 local chapters.

More than 300,000 members have achieved initiation into Beta Alpha Psi over the course of its history. Notable alumni include Arthur E. Anderson, the founder of former accounting firm Arthur Andersen LLP; William Andrew Paton, who went on to establish the American Accounting Association and the journal The Accounting Review; and T. Coleman Andrews, an entrepreneur and former Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. Read about Beta Alpha Psi online at www.bap.org.