Mentoring a Little Brother or Sister

By Gary D. Herwitz

The organization Big Brothers Big Sisters strives to connect young people from single-parent families with adult mentors who can stabilize and enrich their lives. As a supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City, I have discovered that being available to a child in need offers many rewards for both parties.

Some would-be volunteers to the program worry that they don’t have the financial means to mentor a child, but the truth is that mentoring is not expensive. It requires a commitment of time and enthusiasm, but little else.

Meaningful mentoring activities include chatting, playing cards, taking walks, exploring the city, going on scavenger hunts, or engaging in any of the other activities you enjoyed when you were the age of your “Little.”

Ultimately, a mentor’s continued, committed presence in a child’s life is the most valuable gift he or she can give.

About Gary D. Herwitz

As founder and Managing Director of consulting firm CoMetrics Partners LLC, Gary D. Herwitz devotes his time to analyzing and implementing supply chain strategies on his clients’ behalf. In his spare time, Herwitz enjoys bass fishing and skiing.