Gary Herwitz Discusses Campus Candy

A “socially connected super candy store,” Campus Candy bases itself in college campuses across America. Co-founded by Mark Tarnofsky, this yogurt bar and snacketeria opened its first shop at Indiana University in 2010. That institution held special significance for Tarnofsky, who developed the idea for the business while moving his daughter into Indiana University’s dorms. Aside from its presence in Indiana, Campus Candy has spread to universities in Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, and it plans to continue expanding.

Campus Candy interests college students because of its many offerings. Aside from the 500 types of candy available for purchase, it sells different types of frozen yogurt every day along with a multitude of toppings. Its bright and colorful ambiance also attracts consumers, along with features such as a minimalist design, plasma televisions, popular music playing from stereos, and free Wi-Fi.

About the Author: As Managing Partner and founder of the consultancy CoMetrics Partners LLC, Gary Herwitz assists clients with their many needs. Campus Candy hired CoMetrics Partners for guidance in developing a business plan and obtaining funding. While advising the company, Herwitz spoke positively about its niche concept and potential.