Catherine Malandrino Clothing Brand Expands Global Reach

Gary Herwitz, a business development veteran with more than three decades of experience, advises companies on transactions to spur financial growth through his firm CoMetrics Partners. He advises firms on key mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring activities. In 2013, Gary D. Herwitz assisted Bluestar Alliance with the purchase of the Catherine Malandrino clothing line from Tahari ASL LLC.

Tahari’s leadership Elle Tahari and Arthur Levine have been key investors in the Catherine Malandrino clothing line since 2011. They maintain a minority investment in the brand. The acquisition by Bluestar helped Catherine Malandrino reinforce her line’s brand identity through expanded advertising and marketing. In addition, the Malandrino brand has gained opportunities to open more free-standing boutiques and expand its global reach. Malandrino’s clothing is also available through high-quality retailers around the world.

Bluestar has managed several recognizable clothing brands, such as Kensie, Harve Bernard, English Luandry, and Hot Kiss, in the consumer marketplace. By partnering with business development experts like Gary Herwitz, Bluestar can continue to expand its portfolio.