Stakeholder Reflections Following Catherine Malandrino Transaction

In his role as managing partner of CoMetrics Partners, LLC, Gary D. Herwitz provides companies with guidance on mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and profit maximization. Gary Herwitz has played an instrumental role in numerous business transactions, including the asset purchase agreement in 2013 that granted the intellectual property assets for the Catherine Malandrino® brand from Tahari ASL, LLC, to Bluestar Alliance, LLC.

According to Bluestar Alliance’s CEO, the Catherine Malandrino brand was a natural addition to the company’s portfolio, which includes other major names in fashion, such as Larry Levine and English Laundry. Bluestar noted that the acquisition reflects the company’s ability to respond to the retail community’s needs and advance a seasoned brand that can be developed worldwide.

In a press release, the president and COO of Bluestar Alliance stated that the company plans to establish the Catherine Malandrino brand as an international lifestyle brand by exploring opportunities with new and current partners for wholesale luxury collections and retail stores.

Tahari ASL, led by CEO Arthur Levine, continued as the manufacturer and distributor of the contemporary Catherine Catherine Malandrino (CCM) line. After the agreement was finalized, Arthur Levine emphasized that the company was eager to expand the brand into international markets and new categories.