Iconix Brand Group Buys Remaining Interest in IP Holdings Unltd

A managing partner at CoMetrics Partners LLC, Gary D. Herwitz provides financial guidance to companies engaged in large merger-and-acquisition transactions. Most recently, Gary Herwitz served as a financial advisor in the purchase of IP Holdings Unltd, LLC, by the Iconix Brand Group, Inc.

Already holding 51 percent interest in IP Holdings Unltd as of 2009, the Iconix Brand Group acquired the remaining company stock in May of 2013. The Iconix Brand Group purchased IP Holdings Unltd for $45 million in cash and now owns such brands as Marc Ecko Cut & Sew and Ecko Unltd. Despite the change in ownership, Marc Ecko Enterprises continues to license its fashion and lifestyle products as before.

Offering a selection of youth and street apparel, Marc Ecko Enterprises launched Ecko Unltd in 1993 and later expanded its brand to include Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, G-Unit, Ecko Red, and Avirex. The company prides itself on creating fashion-forward collections of clothing, footwear, and other consumer goods. In addition, the enterprise manufactures and distributes a range of home, gaming, and electronic products.