Catherine Malandrino Electronic Accessories Surprise Debut at CES 2015

Gary D. Herwitz is a financial services expert and brand strategist with more than 10 years of professional experience. Since founding CoMetrics Partners in 2005, Gary Herwitz has worked with a number of consumer product leaders in major transactions, including the acquisition of Catherine Malandrino by Bluestar Alliance in 2013.

Although the annual Consumer Electronics Expo is traditionally known for showcasing the latest technological innovations before they hit the shelves, the slew of homogenous wearable devices and smartphones are giving way to an entirely new niche market: designer technology. To that end, boutique designer label Catherine Malandrino made a unique presence at CES 2015, where it caught the eyes of convention goers with a large booth of designer phone and tablet accessories. The display showcased a fusion of art and technology, showcasing a new approach to meet the unique demands of consumers without compromising on aesthetics or technological capabilities. Since the brand’s rise to prominence in the 1998, the Catherine Malandrino label has been synonymous with evocative fashion and strength.