How Business Owners Can Maximize the Services of a Consultant

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Exceed Network

Since 2005, Gary D. Herwitz has assisted middle-market companies with profit maximization and operations optimization as managing partner of CoMetrics Partners, LLC, a firm he founded. As an experienced consultant and volunteer, Gary Herwitz also serves as a board member for nonprofit business advisory Exceed Network, which offers consulting services for small business owners.

On its website, Exceed Network provides suggestions on how business owners can generate the greatest return from working with a consultant. To begin, Exceed Network advises business to identify what branch of the company needs help, such as operations or logistics, as consultants often focus their services on specific areas. According to Exceed Network, business owners should also determine if the company needs tactical or strategic consulting services. Tactical consulting is designed to help companies implement action plans, while strategic consulting covers broad objectives.

After hiring the appropriate type of consultant, the business owner and consultant can be most effective if they have a trust-based relationship developed through listening and straightforward communication. A consultant will be most valuable to the business when he or she can provide rationale for proposed solutions and avoid using inflated language.