CoMetrics Partners Recognized for Supply Chain Management Solutions

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CoMetrics Partners

A consultant with more than three decades of experience, Gary D. Herwitz works with middle-market companies in the consumer products industry as the founder and managing partner of CoMetrics Partners, LLC. Gary Herwitz and his company provide economical technology solutions that help companies manage risk and lower inbound logistics costs.

According to a recent press release, CIO Magazine has recognized CoMetrics Partners as one of the most promising supply chain software solutions. Responding to the honor, CoMetrics’ managing director, Jordan Czeizler, explains that the company’s propriety software addresses complexities presented by geographically separated service providers and vendors. Without the innovative technology, Czeizler notes that middle-market companies often have had to rely on a manual method of inbound logistics management that is inefficient, expensive, and detrimental to visibility. CoMetrics’ supply chain management platform resolves a number of related challenges, such as document management, by creating cloud-based document storage.

Over the years, CoMetrics has successfully implemented supply chain management solutions for a number of clients. For example, the company helped an apparel client increase efficiency and reduce costs by creating a platform that compared retail delivery requests to production orders in order to determine the best transportation mode.