Bluestar Alliance Buys Catherine Malandrino from Tahari ASL

Catherine Malandrino pic
Catherine Malandrino

Gary D. Herwitz founded CoMetrics Partners LLC, which works with middle market companies to streamline their finances and operations to create growth and profitability, especially for companies who work in consumer goods. CoMetrics has helped a number of companies see financial growth, and as managing partner, Gary Herwitz has worked as a financial consultant to companies, including Tahari ASL LLC.

Tahari manufactures and distributes a number of women’s clothing items including dresses, suits, and other work-wear garments. It also manufactures women’s sportswear through the brand Catherine Malandrino.

In 2013, Bluestar Alliance purchased the intellectual property assets from Tahari for the Catherine Malandrino line. (Intellectual property generally includes the patents and trademarks for the product, but not the tangible product itself.) Bluestar Alliance saw the acquisition as a positive addition to its portfolio.

Bluestar Alliance licenses its brands to groups of specific retailers and manufacturers, both domestically and abroad. CoMetrics Partners acted as the financial advisor for Tahari in the sale of Catherine Malandrino to Bluestar Alliance.