Exceed Network Launches Shared Workspace Initiative

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CoMetrics Partners
Image: cometrics.nyc

Gary D. Herwitz has spent more than a decade serving as the owner and managing partner of CoMetrics Partners, LLC, in New York. In addition to his work with CoMetrics, Gary Herwitz serves as a board member for the nonprofit Exceed Network, which helps small business owners by providing educational and consulting services.

While the Exceed Network offers a variety of initiatives and services for entrepreneurs in New York, the business advisory firm recently launched its first shared workspace, called EXCEED@WORK, in the Dumbo Heights area of Brooklyn. Exceed Network established the co-working space in collaboration with WeWork, a leader in the shared workspace sector. Accommodating more than 50,000 members across its global co-working locations, WeWork focuses on creating engaging and collaborative spaces that facilitate an entrepreneurial culture.

With an EXCEED@WORK membership, participants gain access to a wide range of additional services, including health insurance, payroll, IT support, and payment processing. EXCEED@WORK membership also includes access to Exceed Network’s knowledgeable mentors, training sessions, and educational opportunities. According to the president of Exceed Network, the new co-working initiative will give members the platform and support services they need to grow a business.