Bluestar Alliance’s Acquisition of Catherine Malandrino IP Assets

Catherine Malandrino pic
Catherine Malandrino

Gary D. Herwitz serves as managing partner at CoMetrics Partners, LLC, where he provides strategic leadership services to middle market companies that drive market growth and profitability. Among the transactions Gary Herwitz and his team have facilitated is Bluestar Alliance, LLC’s 2013 acquisition from Tahari ASL, LLC, of Catherine Malandrino intellectual property assets.

A global lifestyle brand, Catherine Malandrino features the contemporary aesthetics and design of a renowned Paris- and New York-based French fashion designer. The acquisition was described as “exciting” for Bluestar by the company CEO, as it provided a perfect portfolio fit and enabled a potential move beyond apparel into the home and accessories spheres. Among Bluestar’s other portfolio holdings at the time of the transaction were English Laundry, Mac + Jac, and Kensie.

The acquisition left many aspects of operations intact, with Catherine Malandrino’s apparel lines continuing to be made and distributed by Tahari ASL. The latter company maintains its own label and focuses on women’s sportswear, suits, dresses, and associated products.