Bluestar Alliance Adds Catherine Malandrino to Its Portfolio

Bluestar Alliance pic
Bluestar Alliance

Gary D. Herwitz leads the New York Consulting firm CoMetrics Partner LLC. Through the firm, Gary Herwitz serves as a managing partner and financial advisor.

CoMetrics Partner played a valuable role in the Bluestar Alliance LLC and Tahari ASL LLC transaction in 2013. It served as the financial advisor for Tahari and offered guidance on selling the company’s Catherine Malandrino brand to Bluestar Alliance. The price was not disclosed following the execution of the asset purchase agreement.

The addition of Catherine Malandrino is expected to grow Bluestar Alliance in the retail sector. The company’s CEO stated their choice to acquire the brand had to do with its ability to deliver products in multiple lifestyle areas, such as clothing, home decor, and accessories. Bluestar Alliance will continue to rely on Tahari to manufacture and distribute the contemporary product line. Plans are in the works to expand the Catherine Malandrino brand to include a wholesale luxury collection, which will be available worldwide.